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Grow Sturdy Muscles with Muscle Rev Xtreme
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If you haven't noticed arteries to test your block being for the hormone on the two different s one is total testosterone and another one is 32 starts from total basically in person the entire and amount of hormone in your bloodstream and free it's the amount of distortion is actually doing the work on your muscles yours your sexual function on your great from sure your bone density on but most coveted starter on gets boned by what we call sex hormone binding globulin it's basically a I'm a global in that part grab that the starter and does not allow it to do the work and there's another protein Cooper you meant that all scraps as a starter and releases its low the as we needed only two percent of the total testosterone on two percent is 32 starter which is really the main on that mean a part of this doctrine that does the job so it is important to measure total confirm some doctors only met her total on but make sure you get those two measured sex hormone binding globulin this thing that grabs onto the starter is not let it do its job increases as we age increases to if you getting fatter with that are you are the more sex a hormone binding globulin you may have if you're a priority is not working well if you have diabetes if you have kidney disorders of some kind I if you up cirrhosis or liver issues a and if you use medications like anti convulsants either some HIV pictures from HI medications can also cause increased sex hormone binding globulin so as we age testosterone goes down court on Fri obviously and sex hormone binding globulin actually goes up so not only to stall some production goes down but actually that protein that grab some 28 and hope that car high stake also increases so we have you know from both sides we have that issue and as we age we lose bone density we use lean body mass we get fatter we lose mental capacity a sex drive obviously erectile function and some people believe and I think it's becoming more mainstream that and providing testosterone normalizing just also into our youth war levels to older man may help from age more healthy and field feel better feel better all the doctors think it's a risky thing to do for older man so there's a controversy and may know the main controversy comes from a people think your doctor's thinking that this post from can cause pro static cancer prostate cancer and testosterone when you get this doesn’t somebody with prostate cancer the cancer can get worse but just artery itself is not caused the cancer so it is important for a doctor to check your prostate and do a Muscle Rev Xtreme test prosthetic specific antigen and other test to find out whether or not you your cancer-free before you start a starter especially as we get older the you see there so protected cancer is is there free much worse so it's important to do that because you know when I have to start to start a rehab low testosterone if you have prostate cancer so and if you do start to start on and you have a lot to start from the best the best the best that first benefit is increases sexual function.

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