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Just don't want to lock it out completely just keep emotion going die slow controlled motion keep checking them back that's the most important part of this is making sure you have a nice flat back the entire time and we're almost done just two more repetitions Turkey and flat nice tight squeeze 0 those dumbbells up your stomach that I'll go back behind you as far as you can and let relax are a good job let's move on to the next exercise the bridge Plaza chest press go ahead get ready and begin bring a hi the 1i straight line from that need to shoulder costly screen does have some nice and high and then do that nice slow controlled chest press your start with that hand directly above the shoulder slowly burning that elbow kit was elbows straight out to the side you don't want down by the rib cage you are straight-out from a shoulder joint and you want to make sure that wrist is directly above that although the entire time as your betting that over and out the site such as press- don't want at hand to rock in overtime that bicep or rock out away from you outsider that elbow rest directly by that elbow that elbow straight out from a shoulder joints a nice slow controlled motion we're almost done keep those hips if they’re nice and high keep squeezing out nice and tight have just one more full range of motion press it back up and relax on a good job let's move on tour next exercise was going to be an alternating lines plus the bicep curl go ahead get ready and start ups alone left leg first tonight curl motion and backup ones out the Enduros Male Enhancement leg along with a chrome ocean again skee ball sitting back and forth those feet you doing a hammer curl motion to the palms those hands we facing into each other the entire time makes your keeping those elbows tucked back to rib cage rib cage nice and straight up and down don't lean for lean back you want to make sure you get a hand straight up that shoulder joint is tight as you possibly can without letting that although kick forward in front of you and it's our last one right there go-ahead let relax or move on to our next exercises me a ski squat Plaza trice extension could get ready and start-up squat down a ski squaw out those knees and feet together nice in close tip that chess Ford keep it nice and flat aback nice and flat do that rear triceps extension but brings I was back behind you so that upper arms parallel to the ground extend that are now behind us. fully extended the past week and a nice and slow back underneath before you come back up from the ski squawk just keep that motion going over and over again nice slow controlled motion we do not extension with those arms you want those palms facing back in towards each other the entire time similar position to the hammer curl.

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