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It never really come please I guess Hardesty 40 and then it's like especially amazing going to be my mom I was excited I was nervous as much as I had work and I have to have everything be perfect I secretly wanted everything to be perfect me how well Jamie it's me credit I know that tomorrow is really big day your meeting with your mom first you can challenge for you Stephanie you the world's largest ball like you're going to swept all the way across it miss yes I'm check kids me Craig I know that tomorrow is really big day your meeting with your mom first I can challenge for you I don't hurt yourself to crush the competition sites that you see that funny to you that the crosswalk as hell thought so too hard at the largest pool of the world 1.2 miles I guess when you get him are you speaking at the time this witness satire tell you a story is going down swept all the way across it run all the doctor stuff alright not going to do another curve I Gere I just finished small challenge last now okay Cheney good luck okay the most exciting part in the challenge was the time on that because I have been so mean at home every day and I know how long it takes you to swim that like so to serve like oh my gosh I don't know if can even finish the swim and like less than half the time he's giving mean scariest part in the pool is that you can see other so if you're just joining blindly relish the moment fact are hard what's your health place incited me that place you can stop now were tired and its okay and that knew me is like now like I want to keep going got to do this so keep pushing for a after I finish this when I was excited to finish up with Iran definitely realize in phase two and that love short distance running it's one of my favorite Simply Garcinia things to do I think I'm pretty good at it crazy to think about six months ago like barely being able to just print out right now skew lives down and set a fast forward six months later I was running fast and high-fat diet I really am going to crash right I'm youth maybe it had something inside me that I never knew existed I feel free knowing that things will get hard things won't always be easy that life will throw you curve balls sleazy to get on the other side each of those new obstacles is their success to relish and or a new challenge to face just how of its Chinese class I just finished your highness dance over all my yeah it's I can't believe how fast see me finish that's what I mean that was half the amount of time that I thought to finish it so how do you feel like you ICL like a warrior basophilic we go again it I can't believe it I just I can’t wait to see which gets back from sheer sounds good thanks I I'm ok we're do had like the worst thing in my life right now I don't know that that's how excited every cut I'm so anxious I'm say is today.

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