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The Best Mass Gain Formula, The Mass PM
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I just work tonight at 6 every day is different you know I say pay this bill okay to call these people have seen all it's the really I sit in the kitchen and ice cream damn hey you know do that she's hot you know orzo he's trying to do a job there I takes three or four people in for 21-year-old kid to be able to do that leak I mean it takes a lot of his time he works six days a week at least you know sometimes seventh you know when you when you think you’ve seen some work hard like alright he works hard and then me to life changes like this is a whole other ballgame you know it’s not like we're operating a huge operation over here man running outta my house in my garage and yes a lot of space but you know we have we have day-to-day things we need to get done and I'm only home in certain times.

I travelled this year its extensively and I we had one or two days to get stuff done when I was home and we rely on other people and it’s impossible to do that so we try to do everything you know on our own weather overnight but I've never win anything I know you like to spend money do I see how much it costs a cluster 35 Senate their poster go see 2012 cost you 35 box that one poster are listed by sorry did I not see our sorrows know you think of the thirty-five dollars are sure you can I say about that poster that day don't lie yes I said you said that I have no choice that’s what they choose was with you with upholstered for follows a poster by itself yes cost 35 yes okall politics greatest if it's thirty-five dollars then yeah my chest yeah you have my permission from our UK all-star me in a bad mood even flowers and I came on a bad mood this morning's an essay run it’s through this time playing this time for special offers this is I admit house my license plate.

I’m three-quarters my life this place star just this assist now this we have no time for fun don't that it I'm my you know I've been a four-time champion on if been six-time run around then I'm the greatest body builder ever there’s no question I feel that I'm the greatest I still want to compete at my best. Even at the Asia Madden you know people say past her prime I mean yeah I don't know if there's any past your prime when I'm still competitive you don't think about that you're not going to show it's a one past my prime just on it further you know just stand up there that's not how an ass leader a champion body builder and trains for competition since they always want to think about winning and being absolute best on are I'm on there is no failure at this point they’ve done it all there's never going to be a day that passes and mister bower people that are going to know who J colorist I don't see it ever happening mine dramatized up ho an ho now I'm back in Vegas for the weekend setting Mass PM coming next this coming weekend he’s going to shoot some training stuff in the night she would burn out next week I think for some feature a what's a member that pizza place next up archives and I like more large type places like cum Hyde lounge up a large CEO unique or trust that's the way it now.

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