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The Fruit of Weight Loss, Mighty Raspberry Ketone
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In this work out we're going to start out with the car you warm up to get loose and prevent injury next going to cry of round one doing each combo two-time slow and then ten times at full speed on both sides after that as the conditioning round focusing on abs and chest anyway moving across round two we will do our combos two-time slow and then five times fast and each side finishing up our workout with a cool down let's get started let’s begin with torso twist move inside the side we've got this for30 seconds just rotating into that torso not too fast P go too fast you risk injuring your back for doing just warming up King the blood flow and getting ready for a great workout today got a couple of seconds left keep rotating right we've got arm crossovers per 30seconds bring those arms all the way back behind you as far as you can try to get them almost parallel behind you and then come back across just let them hang swing across a friend your chest and go back loosening up that chest loosening up upper back listening up your shoulders were going to be doing a lot a powerful intensity striking combos everything in our crop workout today want to make sure all ready to go get some get ahead percent without getting hurt couple seconds left our rights makes it gets you will squats for 30 seconds just like the name implies like your sumo wrestler getting ready for your match you gonna Mighty Raspberry Ketone down bring many up you may not be intimidating anyone right now but you are working at your legs a little bit get knows hamstrings quads caps everything lined up notice the squad down you bring that me up you don’t necessarily bring your elbow Tierney you bring your knee to your elbow okay next we've got to those from Lax Wings reduced to 15 on this left leg keep that leg straight swing it up to your hands great switch Lax now rights leg up to your left hand keep a straight as you can use that hands a goal you can only go to hit level chest level we're going to move into inside leg swings becoming outside swinging it in doing five on each side touch the inside of your hands case which now right leg right leg swing it in touch the inside of your foot's to the inside of your hand right there it we've got thirty second the Pyrenees bringing those knees up Trapani like to-do these high knees tapping with the palm moving fast getting heart beat up get a heart rate rising and rising getting ready to jump into crop around one keep moving keep it moving.

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